You have ONE WEEK from the date your final edit photos are uploaded to order your prints.  After that, a $25 reorder fee applies.  The gallery itself gives you the deadline date to order as well.  A one time free gallery re-upload will be provided, but after that, the reorder fee will apply.  Older galleries and mini session galleries included.

Please make sure to watch your gallery deadlines at the bottom of your gallery.  They pop up every time you sign in to your gallery to let you know how much longer you have before they expire.

There is a minimum $100 order on every gallery, no exceptions.
Watch Me Grow Package Clients : You may not schedule your next session until your order for the prior session is completed and paid for.  You are responsible for scheduling your sessions at least a month in advance.  

**HOLIDAY GALLERY DELIVERIES**  If you have a session in October or November and your gallery is provided to you prior to Christmas (as you would request), you are responsible for purchasing prior to Christmas, unless you specifically request for your gallery to be held til after the holidays.

Just a reminder - any packages or purchases of digital images with print releases:  Once Upon A Dream still holds all copyrights.  This means you CANNOT alter the photos in any way, except to crop them for print sizes.  They cannot be turned colors, or be used with filters in Instagram or other photo editing software.  This also means in no way can those photos be used in magazines, contests, newspapers, etc without prior permission.  This also means if these photos are uploaded to a social media site (facebook, twitter, instagram etc), they MUST include a tagline in each photo with a link back to the Once Upon A Dream Photography website and/or facebook page.  
(links are:  www.onceuponadreamphotos.com   OR   www.facebook.com/onceuponadreamphotos )

Thank you for your understanding!
  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email!

Making your order is simple!  First, you must figure out if you want to purchase prints or digital images (or both).  Then, choose the package that best suits the amount of images you would like to purchase.  Once chosen, click on that package to make the order.  PLEASE make sure to go all the way to the very end of the ordering process until you confirm your order and it sends you a final confirmation via email.  Many people miss the last step to their order and though it saves for you in your computer until you finish sending it, I can't see it until you do every step.  Once you make your order, your payment will be due to initiate your order within one week.

Image numbers are located beneath all your images.  Please double check to make sure you are indicating the correct image number, as no refunds or exchanges can be provided for a mixed up number.

Payments are accepted several ways.  You can drop off cash, mail in a check, or pay securely with credit or debit card through Paypal.com.  PLEASE make sure to email me for directions PRIOR to sending payments through paypal.  At the end of your orders and at your order confirmation page are directions on making payments and where to send/who to make out checks to.  Please inquire if you have any questions!

Print orders can take 1-2 weeks to arrive from the lab.  Digital images will be provided through a password protected link within one week.  Feel free to email to set up a time to pick up your order!  Typically, you will receive an email stating your order is complete and is ready to be picked up.  Many clients have reported that they are not receiving that email, but it is imperative that you make sure that Once Upon A Dream's email is in your contacts so emails from our automated ordering system do not go to your spam.  Always feel free to email me at info@onceuponadreamphotos.com if you have any questions or to check the status!


Choose your Package Below:

Please note:  You can purchase individual prints (from wallet size to 20x24 size), as well as canvases.  We also offer items under the additional products page such as magnets, statuettes, keychains, coasters, photo books and more.  Please check them out!  Of course, you are also able to purchase digital image packages as well.  All digital images are produced for printing at my professional lab, so although most consumer level labs are okay for print, they will look much better and I can guarantee the print quality only when printed from my professional lab.  

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